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Here at Impact Sportraits we are excited to introduce our prepay service called AdvancePay. Designed with parents in mind, AdvancePay offers a range of exclusive benefits that enhance your shopping experience, save you money, and support your organization. Here we will delve into the details of AdvancePay and how it can benefit you as a parent.

Introducing AdvancePay

Champion Photo

1. Early Bird Specials and Instant Notifications:

With AdvancePay, parents gain access to early bird specials. This means that you will receive a text notification as soon as your gallery is live, giving you a head start on securing the best deals and products. By being among the first to know, you can take advantage of limited-time offers and ensure that you don't miss out on popular items.


2. Free Shipping:

When you purchase AdvancePay credits, you not only gain access to early notifications but also enjoy free shipping on your orders. This valuable perk saves you money while adding convenience to your shopping experience. Say goodbye to additional shipping charges and enjoy the benefits of AdvancePay with your purchase.


3. Supporting Your Organization:

By participating in AdvancePay, you are not only benefiting as a parent but also contributing to your organization. A portion of the proceeds from AdvancePay credits goes back to the organization, helping to support its activities, programs, or initiatives. It's a win-win situation, where your shopping benefits both you and the community you belong to.


4. Special Pose Requests:

AdvancePay opens doors to requests for special poses, including buddy and sibling poses. If you have specific photo ideas or wish to capture unique moments of your athlete, AdvancePay provides a platform to express your preferences and make personalized requests. This feature adds a touch of customization to your photo sessions, ensuring you get the perfect shots you desire. Simply email once you've purchased your AdvancePay credits and provide us with your request.

AdvancePay is an exceptional service that caters to the needs of parents, offering a range of advantages that make your shopping experience more rewarding. From early bird specials and instant notifications to free shipping and the ability to request special poses, AdvancePay combines convenience and customization while supporting your organization. Embrace the benefits of AdvancePay and unlock a whole new level of shopping satisfaction.


If you have any additional questions regarding AdvancePay credits, please reach out to us by phone or email. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Happy shopping!

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